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We help small business owners just like you generate more leads, more sales, and more exposure through intuitive website design, intelligent marketing, and dependable support.

Finger Lakes Website Design Samples

We design beautiful, hard-working websites.

Too many business owners think looks are everything when it comes to website design.
The result is a ‘me too’ website that becomes a liability…taking other marketing efforts down with it.

This is why we take a strategy-first approach from start to finish so your website can convert more visitors into leads, generate more sales, and boost your visibility. All while staying beautiful.

Don’t sacrifice your website’s potential by thinking web design is web design. The designer matters. The decisions matter. And without proper creative direction, proficient technical know-how, and relevant marketing insight, your website design will be doomed to fail.


“WOW! That’s the best way to describe our experience with FLX Creatives. As a brand new startup business in a competitive market, we needed a website design company that could capture a specific image for our enterprise. They did that and more.”

– Dan & Kelly Grillone; Cobblestone Coffee Roasters

Finger Lakes Responsive Web Design


A professional website that’s ideal for more exposure, increased engagement, and boosted revenues. We’ll give you all the training you need to upload your own content, keeping costs down.

Who is this for

The perfect package for new startups and small businesses on a budget.

Finger Lakes Ecommerce Web Design Package


A professional design with integrated ecommerce capability that provides full inventory control, payment processing, and more. Sell digital products, tangible products, or a mix of both!

Who is this for

Ideal for small businesses wishing to strengthen online sales and significantly increase revenue.

Finger Lakes Complete Web Design Package


An entirely ‘done-for-you’ package where we’ll handle all design, craft your copy, style your content, and provide you with an automated money maker.

Who is this for

Small business owners who are ready to amp up their marketing efforts to attract, engage, and convert more website visitors into paying customers.

Finger Lakes Conversion Funnel Web Design Package


A professional website where conversion funnel processes are at the forefront. To complement your design, we’ll also provide landing pages, conversion tactics, email automation, and engaging copy.

Who is this for

Professionals who want a turnkey method of turning more visitors into raving fans.

“FLX Creatives was hands-down the best investment of my dollars for anything related to web design, graphic design and branding.”

“I found FLX Creatives after I invested badly in a well known branding company that charged me top dollar for a subpar website. Greg sorted out the mess and created a masterpiece of a website. Recently, I came back to FLX Creatives for a full makeover of my Old House Vintage Market website. I needed the makeover done ASAP. It had to match my vibe and vision, it needed to appeal to my target demographic, and I had to be able to work with it myself. With my list in hand, he fully delivered on every task. When the website project was completed, he showed me how to use it before handing it off to me. I’ve worked with Greg for years and will always come back to FLX Creatives.”

– Bernadette R.; Owner & Blogger; Old House Vintage Market + Old House Chic

Finger Lakes Web Design Packages

This could also be known as the “Peace of Mind” package or the “Whole Enchilada” package, because we take care of everything. From design to copywriting to funnels to all the technical mumbo-jumbo, we’ll do more than just guide you from start to finish…we’ll blaze the trail on your behalf.

What’s Included With The Complete Package?

Finger Lakes Web Design - Discovery Phase

Once we’re underway, it’s time to collaborate. During this initial step, I’ll be harvesting as much information about you, your business, your audience, and your underlying goals as possible so that a strategy can be designed to match.

This is essentially the “gimme all you got” phase because I’ll be like a sponge for information. The more I have in the ol’ arsenal, the more efficient and effective the design process will become.

Finger Lakes Web Design - Brainstorming and Discovery Phase

Once I have a firm grasp on who you are, what you do, and where you want to go with your website, I’ll create a blueprint that will eventually act as our master plan. We don’t just take your logo, sprinkle in some colorful flavor, and call it a day. Your website needs to be engineered, not just designed.

Guided by this plan of action, we’ll make sure every aspect of your site and every element placed has a purpose. We don’t want any wasted space. No fluff. It’s go time. We want an asset, not a deadweight.

Finger Lakes Web Design - Conversion Funnel Targeting Phase

Now we’re getting into the fun stuff! During this phase, we’ll come up with a potent conversion plan that will transform visitors into actively engaged prospects. Not sure what a conversion funnel is or how it should built? Don’t worry! You don’t have to!

From helping you determine what to offer to designing all the tactics, pages, and graphical assets that make it tick, we can handle everything. Once done, your brand new conversion funnel will be ready to help you double, triple, or even more than quadruple your sales and leads.

Finger Lakes Web Design - Content and Copy Writing

Persuasive writing is an art form. Sure, anyone can bang out a bunch of sentences on a keyboard, but making sure the text that follows can engage, interest, and inspire your audience to act is a whole new ballgame.

Unlike our Essential or Ecommerce packages, where you would be responsible for writing and placing your content, our Complete Package includes professional copywriting on your behalf. With our wordsmiths at-the-ready, your content will be amped up and ready to dazzle.

Finger Lakes Web Design - Website Design Phase

We’re getting closer! Now it’s time to make your website come to life. With all the prep work completed, we’ll design your layout, create custom graphics, and develop the framework that will house your new website.

Your homepage will be perfected, internal pages added, navigation established, sidebar implemented, footer designed, and everything in between. From the top of your header to the copyright notice in your footer, we’ll be meticulous throughout the process.

Finger Lakes Web Design - Website Content Placement

To use a construction analogy, your house is built, the treatments are finished, and your appliances are in. Everything is looking beautiful, only there’s one problem. It’s empty. That’s where the placement phase comes into play.

In this stage, we’ll essentially be furnishing your website so you can move in. Your content will be placed, text styled, graphics finalized, and user interactions completed. When we’re done with placement, your new home is only one step away from welcoming the rest of the world through its doors.

Finger Lakes Web Design - User Testing Phase

Having a beautiful and functional website won’t matter if things are broken or not working properly. To make sure your visitors will enjoy a hassle-free experience on your website, we’ll put it through a rigorous set of benchmark tests and user interaction studies.

Once given the green light, we’ll then spend the time necessary to teach you how to easily manage your new website all on your own. No more waiting on simple edits while your website falls further and further behind the pack. When we’re done, your site will truly be your own.

Finger Lakes Web Design - Launch Phase

It’s time! Your strong strategic foundation now supports a beautiful website that’s primed to engage and convert. More leads, sales, and revenues await! Once you sign off on your website, we’ll cut it Live and then babysit its first few days to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Exhale. You’ve made it and you have so much more than just a new website. You have a viable and tangible asset that’s ready to go to work for your business. Not many business owners can say the same, so welcome to the club. Now let’s watch this baby in action!

Finger Lakes Web Design - Old House Chic Website Example

Mobile and SEO-Friendly Websites

All of our website design packages include a complimentary mobile-friendly version of your website. Don’t risk losing Google visibility and more than 56% of your traffic and sales by not having a responsive website.

With FLX Creatives, you’ll get a responsive version with no fuss, no stress, and no additional cost.


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FLX Creatives - Finger Lakes Web Design

From the Heart of the Finger Lakes

We’re blessed to be located in the Finger Lakes (FLX) region of New York State. Nestled among freshwater lakes, rolling hills, and lush vineyards, there’s no shortage of creative inspiration to draw from.

While certainly available to local clientele, FLX Creatives is global, so don’t let any distance concern you. The internet is a wonderful thing and aside from the telephone, which has been around since 1876, there are lots of great ways for us to connect. Skype, conferencing, screencasts, it’s all possible!

Finger Lakes Web Design

Get more than a beautiful design.

We’ll craft a plan of action based on your business and goals

We’ll design a gorgeous website that’s engineered to perform

We’ll make sure you’re done wasting money on bad design

We’ll design your website with audience triggers in mind

We’ll consider SEO potential throughout the design process

We’ll make your site responsive so it looks great on mobile

We’ll make sure your design complements marketing efforts

We’ll design multiple calls-to-action so visitors engage

We’ll provide training so you can add content and make changes

We’ll handle technical aspects like hosting, setup, and launch


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