“He’s very creative, but tends to act silly.”

 – Ms. Adams, Red Barn Nursery School

Hi, my name is Greg, and I want to be your web designer.

Actually, I want to be more than that. Why? Because your business deserves more than that. In truth, you don’t just need a web designer. Making things pretty is only one part of the equation.

What you need is someone capable of bridging the gap between creativity and marketing so that visitors are engaged, nurtured, and converted into customers.

If you really think about it, you don’t want a website. You want visibility. You want leads. You want revenues. A website is not your end goal, it’s the vessel to get you there. The problem, is that I see far too many small business owners float aimlessly, like a ship without a rudder, because their website wasn’t properly engineered from the start.

My educational background is actually in Marketing & Public Relations. But thanks to what I thought would be a “cushy” elective course taken in my senior year of college, I had an awakening, and I fell head-over-heels in love with design. What followed was a non-stop motivation to learn, build, and expand.

If you were to visit some shiny agency in a shiny building within a shiny city, you’d probably end up working with several different people. One who handles concepts, another who handles design, another who does the coding, and yet another who implements the marketing. This can get expensive!

As my many gold-starred elementary drawings will attest, I’ve always had a heavy lean towards creativity. So the fact that I can blend a marketer’s brain with a designer’s eye and a coder’s nerdery means I can provide streamlined and affordable solutions.

But don’t just take my word for it. What better way to learn more about me than from some of those who know me best.

“He’s a ninja.”

– Sensei Bill

Okay, perhaps Sensei Bill exaggerates, but I did complete a Ninja training course in his intimidating drapery-laden dojo. Flanked by my team of lovely ninja wannabes, Sensei Bill helped foster the importance of discipline and focus. Oh, and validated parking.

When you hire us to rescue or create your online presence, you’ll benefit from a results-focused mentality. Once engaged, we’ll discuss strategy and then we’ll work hard to deliver upon that strategy. By the time we’re done, your competitors will face a roundhouse kick to the proverbial choppers.

As Sensei Bill will tell you, I know how to do it.


“He’s really tall.”

– People

It’s true. Standing 6’8″, I have a bird’s eye view over my surroundings, which means I can spot details and flaws others can’t without the aid of mirrors. As such, I’m well-versed in the art of troubleshooting.

If you’re having trouble with your current website, lost in the sea of online marketing options, or just can’t seem to figure out why things are going the way you planned, I’m happy to take a look under the hood.

If there’s a flaw, I’ll spot it. More importantly, I can help you fix it.


“He’s the boss.”

– My Wife

Okay, this one isn’t really true. At least, not at home.

But when it comes to design projects? Everything is in-house and guided by a meticulous proven process. The landscape of the internet has changed and the days of gaining visibility just by hanging a shingle in the vast digital wasteland are over.

Believe me, I’m not bossy. But I have learned quite a bit by doing, performing, and perfecting digital design over the last 20 years. As your creative agency, we’ll help you keep up with the ever-changing online environment through intelligent design, potent marketing strategies, and ongoing business support.

Like a boss.


“He’s just so talented.”

– Mom

She’s biased. Let’s hear from people who aren’t obligated to feed my ego:

“It’s AMAZING!!! As usual, it’s exactly what I expected. I don’t know HOW you do that? There’s so much I love.” -Cecelia M.

“Killer! This is absolutely perfect. It looks like we spent a fortune on this site, thank you for not charging it, haha!” -Justin H.

“How you took my cryptic notes and delivered something this awesome just blows my mind. Thank you!” -Ellen P.

“You nailed it. I just keep staring at the page and refreshing. I feel like a real business now, so excited!” -Dan G.


“He’s so good-lookin’.”

– N/A

If you’re looking for a beautiful web designer with long, flowing locks, this isn’t the place. Perhaps if I wasn’t so tall to where I had to peer over the windshield to steer, I could avoid having my follicles stripped by the rushing winds. But hey, my kids like the speed, so who am I to deny the thrills?

Alas, I’m not here to enter beauty contests, I’m here to make you look better. And as your digital wing man, I’m primed to deliver strategic website design, integrated marketing services, and ongoing business support. Together, we’ll propel your business into the big leagues. All while I remain behind the scenes. You’ve got this, let’s make it happen!


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