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Anyone can join the FLX web design affiliate program!


Have too much work on your plate? Does a client need something you don’t provide? We’ll take good care of them on your behalf and pay a handsome bounty in return!


Are you a blogger or online publisher? Do you want to help distribute one of our many free website tools or checklists? Let’s cultivate a lovely and lucrative relationship!


We love collaborating with companies that sell products or services to small business owners, but don’t offer web design. Together we’ll expand your revenue streams!

Can you really earn a cool million bucks just by joining our web design affiliate program?

Yes! Granted, it’ll take some real street hustle, but hey, anything is possible. And to help get you on your way to that first mill, our web design affiliate program pays up to a 15% commission with NO EARNINGS LIMIT!

There is absolutely no cost to you and we’ll even provide you with several graphics, banners, and checklists that you can use for promotion. We’ve kept things simple.

And when someone pays? YOU get paid the very same day. There are no cash-out minimums, no waiting periods, no bi-weekly shenanigans. You get paid the same day a payment clears.


Through the FLX web design affiliate program, you’ll be paid a commission of up to 15% every time you forward along a web design client. It’s the perfect Win-Win-Win scenario…we get a client, you get paid, and they get a powerful new website.


When you send a lead our way, like telling a client or your Uncle Marvin that they should hire FLX Creatives to do their website, we pay a 10% commission. Your responsibility starts and ends with just sharing our details when you stumble upon someone who needs our services — web design, digital marketing, performance audits, content provision, etc. — anything we do.


If you take a more involved approach and actively pursue new leads through a promotional campaign (i.e. mailing to your list, promoting us on your website, creating display ads, or some other arranged partnership), we’ll increase your commission to 15%!

This is perfect for agencies, associations, designers, and businesses who choose FLX Creatives as their top recommendation and make a push to help us get the word out. Your responsibility still starts and ends with sharing our details, you just make a more concerted effort to proactively market our company. Reach out and we’ll create a plan of action that works for you.


You’ll feel comfortable recommending our web design services because we do more than just build beautiful websites. We build beautiful websites that perform. Our websites make companies more money, generate more exposure, and bring in more leads. Companies waste too much time and money on failing websites that produce lackluster results. Once engaged, we address these ills and transform their website into a viable asset.


Think of all the people you know, the clients and customers you have, and the affiliations you’ve established. How many of them have a website? How many need a better website? How many have asked if you could recommend someone? Stop turning them away. Instead, turn those eager leads into dollars!

This is perfect for businesses who deal with other small businesses but don’t offer web design services themselves. Boost your bottom line without adding any work to it. For example, a $3,000 website could bring you $450 in pure profit just by sharing our name. Best of all, they’re going to thank you for it.

We’ve worked with the following types of business and more. We’d love to work with you as well!

– Business Associations & Directories
– Accountants & Business Service Providers
– SEO / Internet Marketing Firms
– Commercial Real Estate Companies
– Sign & Printing Companies
– Web Design Studios
– Business Coaches & Consultants
– Chambers of Commerce


We don’t just build websites, we help market them, too. We help small business owners succeed online. Each of our clients receives a detailed marketing consultation after their web design is completed that gives them step-by-step, actionable instructions on how to transform their website into an automated money-making machine. They’ll love it and they’ll love you for thinking about us.

You’ve Got the Easy Part

We’ll give you digital assets you can use to promote

We’ll handle all project quotations and contracts

We’ll handle all the invoicing and billing

We’ll pay you the same day a client’s payment clears

We’ll help you craft engaging marketing copy for emails

We’ll deliver a professional site that keeps them loyal to you

We’ll serve clients in any industry anywhere in the world

We’ll provide them with a free bonus just for knowing your name

We’ll custom-tailor promotional opportunities on your behalf

We’ll do you proud!