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6 Revenue-Boosting Audits to Choose From!

Over the past 15+ years, I’ve seen a lot of ugly websites. Worse than this, I’ve seen a lot of beautiful websites that fail to perform. After spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on something that looks amazing, businesses are left wondering why this beauty isn’t translating into sales.

Beauty is only one of many factors behind a website’s success, yet it seems to be the only one people concern themselves with. This is what sets them up to fail. If a website doesn’t attract, engage, and convert, it’s just taking up space on the internet.

But where do you start? If you’re not proficient with platform design, digital marketing, and conversion funnels, how can you be in a position to even know what’s wrong? That’s where a website audit can help.

Through any of our comprehensive audits, you’ll get an intelligent assessment of your website along with key recommendations that can help put you on the path to recovery. Just choose the one that best suits your needs below.

Finger Lakes Website Design Performance Audits

All audit package costs can be applied to any website design package!

Homepage Audit – $89

Finger Lakes Homepage Web Design Audit

Your homepage is essentially the gateway to the rest of your website. In many cases, the elements and design concepts that exist on the homepage carry through to the inner pages. With our homepage audit, you’ll receive a thorough report that highlights what’s right, what’s wrong, and what can be improved. Armed with this, you can take steps to fix it yourself, hand the report over to your designer, or bring us on board to do it all for you.


Is your navigation as strong as it can be?
Is your content properly arranged?
Is your layout conducive to all audiences?
Are you following the 80/20 rule?
Do you know what should go where?

Website Audit – $189

Finger Lakes Website Design Audit

While the homepage audit is perfect for business owners who need a corrective snapshot of their website, our complete Website Audit takes things to the next level. In addition to performing the Homepage Audit, we’ll also visit 5 of your most important internal pages and expand the report to cover additional website features. Use the report and our complementing suggestions to improve your site from top to bottom.


Is your brand showcased properly?
Is your message carried throughout?
Are your aesthetics consistent?
Do you have proper engagement?
Is your site conducive to SEO?

Conversion Strategy Audit – $189

Finger Lakes Web Design & Conversion Strategy Audit

If your website doesn’t have an integrated conversion strategy, you’re missing out on enormous potential. Many websites have a conversion process in place without even knowing it, but fail to have any strategy behind it. Your conversion could be capturing their email address, making a sale, getting a phone call, or acquiring a lead. Whatever it is, 90% of business owners are doing it wrong. This audit can make yours better!


Is your conversion strategy working?
Is it visible in all the right places?
Are you inspiring? Or are you hoping?
Is your conversion path streamlined?
Are you maximizing its return?

SEO Audit – $189

Finger Lakes Web Design & SEO Audit

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ever-changing intimidating beast. Done right, it can provide a steady stream of visitors who are actively seeking out what you sell. Done wrong, and your site can be buried in search results never to be found. The first step to creating a viable SEO plan is to understand where the shortfalls are and that’s exactly what this audit is for…to show you what’s wrong so you can work to fix it.


Are your meta tags rockin’ it?
Do you know what to do with images?
Are you optimized for local exposure?
Does your text follow the critical rule?
Is your site properly staged for SEO?

Traffic & Visitor Behavior Audit – $189

Finger Lakes Web Traffic & Visitor Behavior Analysis

Having a surge in visitors to your website is great, but knowing where they come from and where they go once they arrive, is even better. By analyzing the sources of your inbound traffic you can see where marketing dollars are working and where they can be expanded. By analyzing traffic patterns, exit points, and visitor duration, you’ll get valuable data that can be used to improve the user experience and bolster returns.


Where is your traffic coming from?
What are visitors doing on your site?
Are there pages causing people to leave?
Have you spotted new opportunities?
How many new visitors are you getting?

Comprehensive Audit – $489 (saves $78)

Finger Lakes Web Design and Content Audit

Our Comprehensive Audit is the result of significant client requests to combine several of our audits into one report. With the Comprehensive Audit, you’ll receive our Website Audit (which already includes the Homepage Audit), our SEO Audit, and your choice of either the Conversion Audit or Traffic & Visitor Behavior Audit at a big discount. Want all four? Save twice as much and get all of the above for only $599.


Why isn’t your site performing?
Is your site optimized for conversion?
Are you properly seasoned for local SEO?
Do you harvest actionable traffic data?
Is your site primed for success or failure?

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